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August 14, 2020by camillacremor40

Add an RSS feed to your WordPress website with the mentioned process

The user can anytime add an RSS feed to their WordPress blog website and can access their blog whenever they wish to. This can be done with some of the steps that are mentioned in this article.

Therefore, with the steps that are mentioned below the user can add rss feed for the WordPress site and 퍼스트카지노추천 can get started on their blog. Also, for this purpose, the user can contact it’s representatives and can get more details about this topic.

Firstly the user’s is required to open any browser on their systems and 카지노사이트 should go to the particular site that they want to feed on their WordPress blog.

Then, the user is needed to select the URL of that site and should copy it on the site’s homepage correctly.

Once this is done the user is required to write /RSS/ at the end of the URL address that they have copied.

After this open a new window on the system and further go to the WordPress account. The user needs to sign in with their WordPress email address and it’s account password.

Then select on the profile menu mentioned at the right side of the page.

The user then is required to go at the bottom of the dashboard of the WordPress.

The user will then get to see the appearance menu that they need to select.

In the appearance tab, the user is required to select on the widgets menu and should go to the next step.

The user then is required to search for the RSS widget of WordPress from the available list.

When the user gets the RSS widget they need to drag it to the sidebar at the top side of the page.

Now, paste the copied URL into the RSS feed address correctly.

Lastly, the user should go to the WordPress blog and 우리카지노쿠폰 should view their RSS feed.

Therefore, with these ways, 퍼스트카지노추천 the user will easily be able to create and add an rss feed to the website. These steps are easy to follow but should be followed in the correct way so as to avoid any error.

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